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Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Creations~Sometimes so simple!

So tonight for the lil' radio jingle I do with Eryn, we did our lil' talk on kohlrabi. I always associate kohlrabi with my momma cuz as soon as she could get it outta the garden or on the rare times you found it in grocery stores, she would rush inside with it, peel it, slice it up, put salt on it and revel in its deliciousness!!

I thought it tasted like radish, personally. And until today, that's what I thought it was. A type of radish. Well, nope! It is actually a type of cabbage! Who woulda thunk! So I like kohlrabi for the fleeting couple days that we had it every year, but not that much. Much like my relationship to radishes. Good but no big deal! Getting them outta moms garden is one thing, but buying them? Forget it!! Until now!

This year, with this new radio fun thing I am doing, I have had to branch out and actually experiment with these two short-seasoned veggies and find de'lish ways of making them taste good!!

I thought because kohlrabi is actually a type of cabbage and NOT a radish, I might actually try making a Kohlrabi Slaw and I was THRILLED with the results. My friend Enaunda told me a while back that she liked cabbage, lemon juice and feta together and I have also become quite smitten with that marriage so instead of traditional coleslaw I went with simple. Traditional Coleslaw to me reminds me of the gross lil' clump of mayo gunk that they slapped on the side of your Pirate Ship at Whitespot. I'm not a mayo lover unless I make it. So this recipe don't got no mayo!!

You will need:
1 large bulbous fat kohrabi
2 fat juicy radishes
4 scrawny, farmers market fresh early carrots
1 juicy lemon
1 tbsp of olive oil (or any kinda good oil that makes things taste good)
Some crumbled feta
A few gorgeous sprigs of cilantro
A generous handful of sunflower seeds (slightly toasted is always nice but not necessary)
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Get out your grater and grate the kohlrabi, radish and carrots into a bowl. Might as well slip in a bit of the lemon zest as well while your at it. Juice your lemon and add it in, sans seeds, of course. Toss in everything else, toss and serve!

Soooo good! And for all you weirdos out there that don't like cilantro, you can add dill instead! Ha.

So here is to Kohlrabi and Radishes Everbody! *Cheers*


  1. Love! This sounds so yummmmm! Count me as a weirdo though. Cilantro makes me cringe and the thought of it makes Mike dry heave. :p Dill it is!

  2. hehehehe how cute are you two >>>>?

    This is uber yummy and stupid simple!

    love you!