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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Your Gone...

YOu left all of a sudden... it felt like.

You forgot to say goodbye... the last time I saw you, you had that sickness...
you know the one that takes your soul and chews it up like zombie breath.

Its too bad to see you gone. I didn't even know where you were...
thought you were home but I was wrong. I'd see you and people would talk,
say you were sad.

Gone. You left again. This time you had more problems and I know its gonna be hard to find you.

I wish you would come out of the zombie grip. You got more than that Man!
You are more than that. I used to cry when you sang.

you had the right passion my friend. Thats what counts. Ive figured it out. You helped piece the puzzle my friend. You

helped to introduce the right magic...

I won't forget though your forgotten. I want to remember and honor your hopes.

You woulda liked it that way I know it. Before when you were you. Its hard to fight through what you've done to yourself.

To know you. You tipped the scales and fell along. YoU rolled down hill.

If you came back I would help you.

I would promise to visit and say the right things.
You deserve it. You dreamed it. I remember.

You're Gone my friend. I would welcome you back.

At least I would try.

Friday, February 4, 2011



Passions misplaced.
Set down like dirty dishes stacked high.
Another day will come and go without use of creative juices to fuel the next step.

Years maybe? Feels like it. What so lit me alite before, has only sparked my interest occasionally by others who do it well.

Time. I say. More
As if cramming more hours down my throat would squelch something haunting.

Haunted. Not by fears or expectations, recognition or responsibility.
By sheer need. True possession. Absolute sincerity of self.