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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me and my monkey talkin' about kitchen Multi tasking!

Sunday's are more often than not completely dedicated to cooking/baking/cleaning/prepping/saucing/dishing/drying/canning and MUZAK!

My kitchen is often a flurry of activity from mid morning till bedtime. I love to cook... but who has the time? Its dedicated, hard work to feed ourselves somewhat nutritionally all week on a budget! An organized pantry, fridge, freezer and spice rack, are extremely important when trying to kitchen multi task. So I dunno how the heck I pull it off every week, cuz none of things apply to my kitchen. My fridge is a precarious Jenga game of sequentially aging food like substances. But hey, I rotate and over the years I have systematically adapted my creative chaos to work for me.

Preparing food for ourselves is such a journey of trial and error. I am sure most people who love to cook won't tell you they were born with it. But they can tell you who taught them and what they loved about those peoples cooking.

In our family, the kitchen is the hub. In my grandma's kitchen, you often had 3 generations of family members cooking, prepping and laughing together. Now that tradition has passed to my mothers kitchen.

One of my fondest, child hood memories are the times Mom was away and Dad cooked. My Dad made the best homemade pizza ever.. and chili! My Mom hates beans, so the only time in my childhood I ate them was when Mom was away and Dad made chili.

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